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Valley Forestry Estate Maintenance

A large part of our time is spent on maintenance contracts for a range of clients from government agencies, national conservation and woodland charities, commercial and private landowners to the general public.


We carry out a wide variety of tasks such as

  • fencing
  • gate installation
  • field topping

and also more routine operations such as

  • litter picking
  • woodland and roadside grass strimming
  • mowing of paths, embankments and gateways
  • hedgecutting and site inspections.
Roadside vegetation clearance using a tracked chipper and traffic control
A350 Shaftsbury, Dorset

Tree surgery is a necessary part of estate maintenance along with tree safety inspections.

To maintain safety to both the public and to property dangerous trees can be identified then reduced, pollarded, deadwood removed or dismantled.

If legislation such as a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) exists, or if your property falls within a Conservation Area, Valley Forestry can apply for the necessary permission then complete the works.


Brash and scrub clearance with our Valtra and forwarding trailer

Within the area of estate maintenance we supply naturally durable timber fencing materials.

Through our harvesting work we can supply quantities of Sweet Chestnut fencing. This can take the form of cleft post and rail as found in parts of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon, Sussex and Kent.

Alongside this we supply the more usual fencing materials in Chestnut including gate hinge and latch posts, struts and strainers, intermediate stakes and bespoke lengths of Chestnut for deer fencing, tree stakes, car park bump rails and even maypoles.

Felling Sweet Chestnut Coppice in Sussex

For free advice, or an initial site visit, please get in touch with us via the numbers found on our Contact Us page or via the online enquiry form.


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